To celebrate the launch of the brand new monthly show with Circle Of Life, Resident and Founder Bodaishin Music spent some time with the Shows first Guest Mixer Alvaro Suarez

Alvaro Suarez has been in our circle of life this week and we want to take the opportunity to get inside his head for a little while. I hope you enjoy this little interview we have had with him a few days ago…

-Hi Alvaro, its a pleasure to have you with us as our first guest. In Circle Of Life we want the artist to feel identified with his art, so we decided to give you the possibility to choose something with which you feel identified to reflect that in the artwork of this first episode.

-What did you choose and why?

First of all, thank you for the invitation and for the space to publish this very different and special set. I chose a chestnut forest because it reminds me of the view from the window in my town’s house (in the north of Spain in a region called Asturias), with his beautiful mountains and incredible forests. Being able to enjoy nature, a good walk through mountains or through a forest is still something that gives me a unique feeling, and I do whenever I can

– When you started researching in this music world, did you see yourself where you are today?

The truth that not at all, it all started out of simple curiosity and fun (and probably some party 😜). Over the years I have been very fortunate with everything that have been offered to me, and how everything has developed. My interest is only increasing. I am very intrigued to see what is coming in the future.

– What do you feel you can contribute to electronic music?

Well.. is a complicated question. I sincerely believe that for now, exclusively my vision, what I want to convey. I consider my musical career a path of continuous learning, so I hope little by little to improve my “skills” and to develop my artistic vision from my head to reality. There is too much to do.

– We want to know about your next projects, what do you have on mind?

At the end of February my next release comes out, a remix for Hraach in Nazca records. Eager to see the response of people 🙂 And regarding come a couple of months in full. In a few days I go to Mexico on a tour there, where I will be in several cities and with other members of my agency, Home, such as MoM, Just Emma or Holed Coin. When I return I have several gigs around Europe and we are totally immersed planning the dates that are free for this summer. As I said before I am very happy and I feel very fortunate of the path the project is taking.

Check out the launch show HERE: