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Bonjuk Bay, Turkey


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We are thrilled to bring our unique vibe to the magical lands of Turkey. From May 30th to June 3rd, we invite you to an encounter that promises to be unforgettable.

If you resonate with our mission and vision, we welcome you with open arms to experience something truly transformative together.

At this event, we will set aside worries of the past and future. We will immerse ourselves in the present, connecting with our roots and allowing ourselves the space to smile, dance, shine, heal, cry, scream, and let go.



  • Sunset musical experiences.
  • Eclectic electronic music nights with storytelling, sound healing, and
  • Workshops on Tantra, Yoga Vinyasa Flow Beat, and more.
  • Live painting and dance performances.
  • Organic and raw food delights.
  • Live music and DJ sets.
  • Souvenirs, rituals, and cacao ceremonies.
  • Conscious talks.
  • Much more


Line-Up (A-Z)

  • Ariel Zutel (Acoustic Live)
  • Bodaishin
  • Boral Kibil
  • Cey Cey
  • Doga Erbek
  • Eduardo Mc Gregor
  • Gadi Mitriani
  • Izhy
  • Kem Otto
  • Martin Rizzola (Percussions Live Acoustic)
  • Powel
  • Veytik

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