To accompany this months edition of Circle Of Life from Deeper Sounds Host & Resident Bodaishin Music caught up with his latest Guest Artist to the show Erdi Irmak

Hi Erdi! Its a pleasure to have you with us as our guest. In Circle Of Life we want the artist to feel identified with his art, so we decided to give you the possibility to choose something with which you feel identified to reflect that in the artwork of this second episode.

-What did you choose and why?

I chose a river/lake in the forest because the calm of the water with trees are reflecting my sounds and dreams

– Where were you born? What are your origins?

I was born in Istanbul and my country of origin is Turkey.

– Where are you living currently?

I’m currently living in Istanbul.

– What kind of music did you listen when you was a child?

I was a fan of the ambient and downtempo music during my highschool besides, I listened to some indie rock music too.

– Do you have some artist as reference in which you have identifited when you started to listening electronic music?Of course, I have. First, T met with Susumu Yokota, Massive Attack and Shpongle. They’ve changed my view of music. After getting into the electronic music world a little bit more I met with Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo and Sasha then I’m started to feel something more special when I listened to their music. This was the start point of my music career.

– When and how did you start your career as a producer?

After a long time, as a listener, I decided to make music and play my music to the people who love electronic music. I started to work on music in 2006 and started to learn

– What is music production?

How can I do my sound and I did not release music until 2011. During this time, I observed producers and DJs and I started to do some research about music production. It took me a while to improve myself because I’m a self-taught artist.

– When you started researching in this music world, did you see yourself where you are today?

I think this is a very bumpy journey. It’s very difficult to say something precise. To be honest I had no idea. Sometimes things don’t go well and you may have to give up early. During this time, I thought to stop making music many times because of some problems but I did not give up and still releasing music today.

– What do you feel you can contribute to electronic music?

This is a hard question. I’m just trying to do some original and unique sounds. So, I would like to have a small share of the impact of the new generation producers on electronic music by doing innovative works.

– We want to know about your next projects, what do you have on mind?

I have too many releases and remixes this year. Two brand new Ep will be released in March.

Stay Tuned!

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