Jim Rider

Bodaishin Music interviews Jim Rider who appears on this months edition of Circle Of Life Music with Deeper Sounds..

“Hi Jim its a pleasure to have you with us as our next guests. In Circle Of Life we want the artist to feel identified with his art, so we decided to give you the possibility to choose something with which you feel identified to reflect that in the artwork of this episode. What did you choose and why?”

-Thank you for having me on the show! For the artwork I chose “Family” as the theme as it’s something i’ve been thinking about a lot lately. The current climate has caused me to reflect on how important my parents are to me and that I should be spending as much time with them as I can as they get older. Unfortunately, the pandemic has also made me realise how selfish some people can be and that life is too short to waste your time on them.

“From when did you know that music would be in every day of your life? When you were young..did you imagine working and doing music or did you have another plans for the future?”

-My life has always revolved around music and i’ve been lucky enough to work in music for most of my adult life as a promoter for gigs and festivals and more recently in the brand partnership side of things. I played drums growing up but only started producing at around 24/25. I’ve actually got a Sports degree so I could have headed down that path but i’m glad I didn’t.

“What kind of music did you listen when you was a child?”

-My mum is a folk musician and singer so my childhood was spent in the corner of pubs listening to her play, I definitely didn’t appreciate it at the time but I do now! I was into bands growing up so me and my mates were going to a couple of gigs a week in Birmingham or Wolverhampton. It was all shit haircuts and cheap leather jackets!

“Do you have some artist as reference in which you have identifited when you started to listening electronic music?”

-All sorts really but i’d say listening to John Peel on Radio 1 opened my eyes and ears to a wider array of music and it was probably 2manyDJs/Radio Soulwax who i saw playing Electronic stuff live first.

“Where were you born? What are your origins?”

-I grew up about half an hour away from Birmingham (in the middle of England). Dad’s from Birmingham and mum’s from London originally.

“Where are you living currently?”

-I live in Whitechapel, East London. 5 minutes walk to Shoreditch/Brick Lane.

“Where is creativity and ideas come from when you make music?”

-Ideas come all over the place. It could be a film soundtrack, a particular instrument, a solo i’ve heard somewhere but i’ll usually start with the drums, percussion and general groove before adding the melodic elements in.

“Where would you like to play in your next show?”

-Somewhere hot! I’m going to try and head to Mexico (if the government will let me) to escape London for Christmas and New Year so a gig on a beach there would be the dream!

“When you started researching in this music world, did you see yourself where you are today?”

-It was all sort of a happy accident really. I was making heavier music a few years ago which wasn’t very good so I stopped for a couple of years but I was sitting on one track in particular i’d made that was much deeper and more melodic. I sent that to Lee Burridge on a whim and was really surprised when he said he wanted to sign it to Tale & Tone. I then made a B-side for that release and really started to find my sound. I haven’t stopped making music since. If you’d have said this time last year that i’d have releases out on labels I love (Tale & Tone, Kindisch, Akbal Music etc) I would have probably laughed at you haha.

“What do you feel you can contribute to electronic music?”

-Hopefully good music that people remember. I don’t want all of my music to sound the same so I try and keep my inspirations and the sound palettes I use as broad as possible to keep it interesting.

“We want to know about your next projects, what do you have on mind?”

-I’ve got a very exciting release at the start of next year which I can’t say much about just yet but it will be my biggest so far I think. Other than that i’ll be focussing on my label Signs which i launched this year. I’ll release on it before the year is over and I have the next 2/3 artists lined up on there too. I’m biding my time until the world reopens and we can DJ again but i’ll keep writing and releasing music until it does!

Thanks JIM !

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Enjoy with Jim !