Nhii was the Guest on this months episode of Circle Of Life with Deeper Sounds…

Founder & Host Bodaishin Music caught up with him to talk about Music, Favourite Artists and Next Projects.

Where are you born? In Munich Germany. The south of Germany is quite conservative but through music I found a way to express myself in a very superficial environment though.

Where are you living currently? New York. Brooklyn to be exact.

What kind of music did you listen when you was a child? That was a very interesting mixture, everything from ThunderDome 1-20. Also some Heavy Metal. This was before i was 14. I would say i got into House Music when i was 16 and started DJing.

Do you have some artist as reference in which you have identifited when you started to listening electronic music?Certainly Faithless and Moby.

When and how did you start your career as a producer?I started DJing very early and to my luck was swiftly booked by a local night club in munich where also my manager worked at the time. We both hustled night and day in that eco system and became night owls and dedicated time to dig crates and progress in this realm. I was Djing 3-4 Times per week and that taught me immensely. Today I know very well what I like and what not. I strive to really focus on my passion as producer and I went to a sound engineering school called SAE and made my diploma there. My early days of producing were mainly House and through time I wanted to step back from the posher club sounds and become more eclectic and earthy. This project started with a friend but soon I sadly outpaced him and my manager gave me a push to embrace this full time now which I did. I stopped Djing for events and for mainstream nightclubs and now only go out as Nhii which I am thrilled about.

When you started researching in this electronic music world, did you see yourself where you are today?Having a longterm vision is tricky and not always the best. Yes there is a small core Idea that you have to follow in any craft. My ideas are the leafs and time is the tree you grow through and then a gust of wind takes everything everywhere and no matter how hard you try to control it, its not easy to tame it. Just go with the flow and life will reward you. The more you embrace the present moment the swifter you find the true self that could become something stable in the future if that’s what you are longing for. I am starting courses for upcoming producers to show them my side of production but everyone has to become themselves.

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What do you feel you can contribute to electronic music?I am a humble servant to this community, independent because I need to be free in my craft. I want to take people on a trip and let them know how my experiences and my work as producers has brought me so much joy. I love nothing more then seeing people dance to the music that I stand fully behind because its reflecting my momentary true self.We want to know about your next projects.

What do you have on mind?I am working on a sonically series of interpretation of life and its different forms. I dont want to spill the beans to much but it will be a year work with a lot of interesting music. And of course I am also releasing music with many wonderful labels and Eps on Kamai, Akbal, Sirin (Bar25) and more …

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