about the artist

Savage & SHē

Very few artists have made the impact that Savage & SHē have made on the music scene in the past few years with their unique blend of Afro House, Melodic Techno, enchanting melodies and hypnotic vocals that have literally taken them to every corner of the world. 
 Signed to some of the most sought after labels in the electronic music space today and topping the charts on a regular basis Savage & SHē have dominated the underground with hit releases on Crosstown Rebels, Radiant, Go Deeva & Abracadabra. 
 Headlining market leading venues, festivals and events has become a regular practice for Savage & SHē from their residencies at Scorpio in Mykonos and Blue Marlin in Ibiza to playing over 12,000 people at Universo Paralelo in Brazil. 
 Their live sets are nothing short of breathtaking, connective, intimate and revolutionary as they blend beautiful vocals, animalistic percussion and driving rhythms to create unforgettable moments at every appearance. 
 Savage & SHē will continue to take their musical message across the globe as they continue to create jaw dropping studio work and moment filled live performances that give their listeners memories that will last a lifetime.